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Default Did I score on this ancient compressor?
Re:: Is it worth fixing up?   

Hey there from N.C. again, I have been looking at blasting pots and realized that my 5CFM 70 gallon (home made) in my shop aint gona cut it. I have been looking at new 5 HP 11-14CFM compressors and they are WAY out of my price range at $2K-$3K so I have been looking at used ones as I would always rather have used quality over new junk. Notice I am not restoring a Toyota Tercel. Also over the years of fixing stuff up you realize that they really don't make stuff like they used to anymore! So I was looking for a old beast, and I think I found it! Best I can tell it is a 5HP-6 1/2HP (looks WAY bigger) SpeedAir With a HUGE Dayton pump. (the original) It needs the original motor rebuilt and I got it with the deal too. (The biggest Electric motor that I have ever seen in person!) He says that the pump leaks oil,(no shit, there is two quarts on the outside of it!!) but works fine but I am gona go thru it and give it a birthday while the stock motor is being rebuilt. The big ass stock motor also says it is made by Dayton. He said that he should have let it go when the motor quit but instead he put some BS motor from Lowes on there that was 1/3 the size of the stock one (still bigger than most motors you see running pumps on new ones) that only runs one belt instead of two and burned it up It in 3 months. Then he coughed up the $3K for a new one. He still could not bring himself to scrap it as it has been in his family longer than he has but he let me get it for $50 'cause he knows that I am gona fix it. Hell even if I can't, as heavy as that thing is you could scrap it for more than that. Just the Dayton electric motor off it is AT LEAST 200LBS! The guy I got it from said that his dad bought it USED over 45 years ago! So it is a oldie! (but goodie I hope) He has run his auto shop off it for the last 6 years of that. Anyone know anything about these kind? Or where to get parts and or manuals for it? The last Chevy small block (388 Stroker) I built for my buddie's Monti had 578 FtLbs of torque and would lift the front wheel from the lite (in a street car) So I have no doubt that I can fix it, the question is, should I? What do yall think, rusty gold, or just rusty? Thanks!
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