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Default Re: Did I score on this ancient compressor?

Jdin, I don't know if it is worth the trouble for a 1/2 HP unless that is really all you are gona need for air or unless you want to do it for sentimental value, which has no price.
Pop, depending on how easy this one is to do I might be on the lookout for one like it or bigger to rebuild and re-sell for extra cash for my VW build.
Metal master, that is very interesting. The one I am having rebuilt is a single stage 5HP but it came in 1961 with a 3 phase 3HP according to the tag. What is better about three phase? Also why are they cheaper to rebuild?
I got my HP and LP rings and HOLY CRAP! They are thicker than the ones that go in a small block Chevy! I got ALL of the gaskets for the pump now to, another week or so and I will have all the parts to service the valves.

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