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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by Pop View Post
Ron -- A little trick that might help to keep on the welding line is to take some soapstone and highlight the area that you want to weld. The white mark of the soapstone is a lot easier to see, and will not hurt the weld. I have use it before when all I had was a #12 lens and was welding in a dark place. Pop
I have tried the soap stone, but I couldn't even see it.
My eyes are terrible, I can't see much of anything when it's dark, and when welding it makes me dizzy as hell because it is as if I'm looking at a strobe light.

My welding helmet is adjustable, turn the nob one way it gets lighter, turn it the other way it gets darker, I just cant see unless I have a bright light pointed towards what it is I'm welding.

I can't complain about it, I'm just glad I can still see anything at all after being blind in both eyes (at different times). I had a blood vessel inside my eyes that hemorrhage filling my eyes with blood. They did what is called a "vitrectomy" which involves removing all the vitreous fluid from inside your eye, then filling it up with some fluid which is like the vitreous fluid, it leaves an air bubble inside your eye which goes away, then after a week or two you can see just as good as before.

Thank ya Pop for trying to help me out,
I appreciate it

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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