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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by Pop View Post
Hey! Great, that you fixed the problem. If there is anything I can do to help you, just let me know. I'am just up the Ohio river from you at Parkersburg,WV, Belpre, OH. area. Pop
Thank ya Pop, hell maybe I'll take a road trip one day and stop by and visit you.

Yesterday I wasn't able to do much to the Bug cause my wife's car needed brakes on all 4 corners, so that kept me busy most of the day.

when I did get to working on my Bug I found that after installing the P/C's that the carb linkage was to short, I screwed the ends on only about 4 turns and it still wasn't long enough, and once put on it keeps the throttle open way to much

So I cut the side that was to short in half, then stuck both ends in a section of steel brake line so I could make it a bit longer. I had bought some JB Weld so I could make some valve cover vents to go to a breather box if needed, well I looked for the JB Weld for almost an hour yesterday so I coyuld make the linkage longer, well I couldn't find the one tube, it was in the package after I used it, so it must have fell out when I was putting all my tools into the garage. I looked everywhere.'
So now I'm gonna hafta buy some quick setting JB Weld to fix the linkage and still be able to drive it later this evening.

Looking back I wish I would have used this set of P/C's the 1st time, I had to move a bunch of boxes in order to find another 85.5 piston ring, b ut that was all it took, now it runs much better

Today I'm gonna get the throttle linkage together so it is long enough to work, I'm gonna sync the carbs early this morning so maybe I can drive it tonight and it cost me 0 except the JB Weld I bought.

When I first started it up and it was idling real high I took the hose that comes out next to the oil fill cap to see if it had any blow by, I put my finger over the end of that hose and felt no pressure, so I think all is well

Tomorrow I'll be all over to make sure nothing else is gonna go wrong, but I have faith in it just as I have with every VW Bug I have had

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