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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So now that I have my engine running good and almost have my carbs synchronized it's time to start bracing my beam extension.

I started by welding some 1 inch square tube across the firewall, then I used a piece of channel and drilled holes in it and bolted it to the top of the beam where the original front body mount was, welded 2 sections of 1 inch square tube between the one on the firewall and the channel I have bolted to the top of the beam.
I now need to weld a few pieces in to triangulate it, then I'm gonna make some brackets that bolt onto the brace and to the rear of the frame head then drill out the original threads and run some thru bolts and nuts and do away with the original beam bolts that are holding the extender to the frame head now.

Once I get that finished I now have the front sheet metal I need to fill in what has been removed before I got the car.

Here are a few pics of the sheet metal I got for the front and the start of the beam bracing, I need to fab a few brackets and cut a few pieces of square tubing as well as some other bracing metal.
I'm trying to use the original body mount on the beam and keep it so the body can be removed without cutting anything off, just unbolt a few brackets from the brace and lift it off, I'll most likely hafta redo it all when I raise the tranny and the front beam. I want to keep the suspension stock with some beam adjusters to tweak it where I want it.

start of beam brace

Sheet metal I needed to fix what was missing, Thanks Tim

Slowly coming together

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