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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So I welded in the sheet metal that goes around the hood, moved the license plate down, it's starting to look more like a complete car again.
I have also started the beam brace, I made the front body mounts which are on top of the beam that way the body can still be removed, I will also use that bracing to help keep the sheet metal good and strong. I have my work cut out for me

I also cut out some cardboard patterns so I can fill in the wheel wells up front with sheet metal to give a clean look, I will need to make 2 small indentations so the tires don't rub, I hope to make a setup so I can do both pieces and get them bent the exact same amount and location, but I gotta get some sheet metal first.
I may still have 1 more S10 hood left that I can use, I'll find it some time this weeks

oh yeah, a few pics

Well that's it for now, gonna hafta rest up a few days before I go doing any more but I'm sure as hell gonna be it

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