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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well I'm gonna put my V-Rod in a show coming up on Sunday July 24th, it's I think the 22nd annual show coming up

Every year there are always a few VW's, most of them are stock restored, but nothing like what you see here on this web-site, here's a few pictures from 2009, I can't find the ones from last year

I hope to have my front fenders mounted by then, but if I don't I'm still gonna put in the show because I haven't seen any V-Rodded VW's around here. I have heard a few people that stop me say they know a guy building one, but I think one of them was talking about mine before I got it

Now about my front fenders, does anyone have any good pictures showing how you mounted them to the steering knuckle/spindle so they aren't flapping around waving with every bump I hit in the road
I have a few ideas to mount them, I may just put them on and see how stiff they are, then go from there until they are on good and sturdy

I believe these fenders are for trailers, they are square on both ends so I'm gonna round the ends up a bit so they look better. I'm gonna try to mount them maybe about an inch above the tire itself so if anyone has any helpful ideas I'd appreciate it

here's a couple pics with the fenders just sitting on the tires

Other than the fenders I hope to get my oil filter mounted, my block tapped and the oil pump modified, then I have a set of low back seats I hope to get mounted in the car before the show, just hafta see if I can squeeze all that work in the next 3 weeks

So if you have any helpful ideas about mounting the fenders please send them my way

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