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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Made my fender brackets over the weekend, mounted them on and turned the wheels side to side and made sure nothing was touching, did a small amount of grinding a bit off to clear the left tie-rod

Yesterday I went for a ride and had no troubles with them, now to mount the fenders to the brackets

I think I'm just gonna weld the same angle iron pieces onto the fenders then drill and tap some holes and use some flat head screws to screw them to the brackets

Then we shall see if they can withstand some of the streets around here, I should bring the camera and get a video, that way I can show how NOTnot to mount your fenders : funny:

sorry I almost choked from laughter, the 1 time I decide to get a video and I'll prolly find the 1 sink hole that's gonna do in my D/D

I'll post a few pictures at the end

The fender brackets which still need top be cleaned up to look good, maybe I'll put some light'nin holes in em
the fenders are just resting about a half inch above the tire on some pieces of wood

Still not sure how far forward or back to mount them, guess I'll go sit back and see what looks the best, then put them on and see what happens

Fenders are resting with brackets in place

They need a bit of adjustment, but I think it's gonna work

It's getting there

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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