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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well I put a set of lowering spindles up front dropping it into the weeds, it's about as low as it was when I first got the car an d it had the beam cut and turned way to far, almost no suspension travel, I put a stock beam back on which raised it back up except for the 2-1/2 inches the beam extender gave it, now it's another 2-1/2 inches lower and almost drags up front, my license plate drags all the speed bumps so it's low

Now I think I'll just Chop the Top to make it look the way I want it, I may still lower the rear end down a few notches of the spring plates, but I like the raked look it has now

Here are a few pictures using a Mt Dew can to show how low it sits

1st is when I got it, 2nd is after I put a stock beam on, and 3rd is with the lowered spindles

Now it's time to start working on a few custom parts for the car until winter comes and I hope to do the Top Chop

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