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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Thank ya about my build

And please don't be sorry about my health issues, I'm just happy I'm alive, plus there are many people that have it much worse than I have it, that's the motivation that keeps me going and doing the things I do
And it doesn't sound corny at all, I have been writing a book about my journey thru life, mostly because as you said I have been an inspiration to a lot of people, if I finish my book and it can help 1 person I will be happy, if it inspires others who have health issues to do things they once thought impossible I will be even happier

As for the spindles I bought a set of lowered spindles from platrod68, they are CB brand spindles and are cast spindles, I'm a bit leary about cast iron spindles, but after looking them over good I don't think they will give me any problems as long as I drive it easy

I still have a bunch of sets of B/J spindles and still plan to make a set of lowered spindles because you can only lower them about 2-1/2 inches, any more and the lower ball joint will hit the wheel, most of the paised and lowered spindles I have seen that were made use a 1/4 inch thick plate to weld the spindle itself to then the ball joint mounts to the back side making the wheels and all 1/2 wider (1/4 inch per side)

If I make mine I plan to use at least 3/4 inch per side, by doing this I hope to be able to lower them 3 inches to 3-1/2 inches and not run into any interference with the lower ball joint, it will hafta wait until I get a set ready to be assembled, then I will see how much wider I will need to make them so that it doesn't interfere with the lower ball joint and the wheel

I like making anything I can, I have much more time than I have money, and the 20+ years I have spent as a machinist also give me the ability to know how to make just about anything, so if I don't have the $ I just try to make it myself, if I fail I then try another method or I start saving my pennies until i have enough and then I buy whatever it is

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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