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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by trikertroy View Post
If you want less effort on your brake pedal, a SMALLER bore master cylinder witll do the trick..On our trikes we use a 5/8" bore. cylinder.

You will have a longer stroke and less effort.
Everything I read about brakes is opposite of what you said, and if running disc brakes up front on a VW with the standard 5/8 to 3/4 inch bore master cylinder the pedal will require more force to stop the car
The disc brake caliper piston & bore are much bigger than the standard wheel cylinders which means you need a larger bore M/C in order to not have to push the brake pedal so hard
Well when I had the disc brakes on my dune buggy I was using a 7/8 inch bore M/C and stopping was not a problem, and I didn't ned to push hard at all to stop

Right now I have a 3/4 inch bore M/C and it is so hard on my leg to stop, so I'm gonna put the larger bore M/C (7/8 bore) on tomorrow or maybe today if I feel better, then it should work just fine

I'll scan the page in the book I have that mentions about brakes and bore sizes and disc brakes and how to make them easier on your leg by using a large bore M/C

It's in the book "Baja Bugs and Buggies" written by Jeff Hibbard

Originally Posted by RickIntihar View Post
I don't know how the hell I missed this thread. Car looks awesome, Ron. I love the front fenders. Next time i'm down in Cincy I wanna swing by and help you wrench.
Cool, just let me know a few days ahead when your gonna be in Cinci and I'll give you directions to my place, I'm only about 10 minutes or 7 miles west of I -75

I hope to get the fenders mounted better and on the car soon, my 1st fender mount didn't work out that well, but I have a few other ideas that should work, plus I have been looking at cars that have fenders like these and how they mount them, the one car I haven't seen is the Plymouth Prowler, or is it a Dodge, all the same to me

Stop by any time as long as I'm home, and thanks

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