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Cut some 1/8"x 2" x 2" "L" for the "B" pillar extensions of the HC on the passengers side.

This is the begining of the bottom plate. The clamps are holding on an extension because 2" is just a bit shy of what I need. I should have found 2 1/2", or 3" "L" to start off with . Would save me a bit of welding.

And here's the top plate of the box section that will become the back of the HC. You can make out the pie cut, and how the top needs to bend to give the right shape to the back of the HC. Again with an extension clamped to it.

This box section extension will be the bottom mount of the "B" pillar hoop, (roll bar) that I have planned. So I over engineered this a bit.

Not much but some progress.

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