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Default UncleSlacker's long@$$ Intro

Greetings all, long time lurker, fulltime slacker, frist tmie psoter (deliberately misspelt thanks to the filter).

My name's Todd or "T-Odd" depending on whom you aks.

I'm a buckethead hotrodder motorcycle enthusiast that happens to also love the old V-Dubs. Owned several, went without for a while, got one again not long ago and working on getting another... back to the same way it was in 1987 - yard full of 'em.

My hotrod is a 1923 Ford T Bucket roadster, a quick little 1500 pound street legal go-cart.

I have too many motorcycles to list, I don't discriminate. If it has two wheels I'll ride it.

So here's my current VW and the one I'm planning to purchase from another lurker, a friend of mine named Parker.

And that's about it, I suppose.

From what I understand the newstand copy of the November HotRod will include a clendar/poster from Cherry Bomb.

That's me in the top right corner.

UncleSlacker aka T-Odd
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