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Default Re: Fleetwing Camper Build

We had another weekend. So we started on the walls. Took the driverside wall and removed the inside face to repair the studs. There was a lot of rot and we had to have a strong thought about how to go about it. Austin has a full wood working shop (lucky me)!! He planed some boards down to the thickness of the existing studs and started to rebuild them. One stud at a time.

Existing stud wall:

New stud wall:

Trimming the inside face:

Inside face done and waiting to be primered:

Now the pass. side wall was a little rougher!! We started to replacing a stud at a time. I was hoping to at least use 2 or 3 pcs. but nope. We build an all new wall. We did use the 3 pcs. of plywood in the back corner but thats it. We also beefed up the door frame. The existing was all stapled. We used screws in the important points.

The existing pass. stud wall:

All new stud wall:

Inside face done and waiting to be primered:

We had a little time before Easter dinner. So we planned some more steps and material list for the inside cabnets. We did build the front benchs that go with the table and the back of the camper/bed bench area.

I am trying to save and use existing wood as much as I can but thats a hard task! Theres not much to save. How many people can say they have a brand new 1969 camper?
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