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Default Re: Fleetwing Camper Build

Well it was a great weekend. We got the siding cleaned and hung. Its finally really looking like a camper again. It feels good to get the siding up and to have that floor space back. Heres the pics.

We looked at the door. Well it wasn't the best shape and it felt a little weak. So we opened it up and to find that it was rotted and it was just loose stapled together. The door would twist. It had to go! So we rebuilt it and made it a little stiffer.

Well after digging for more info. about Fleetwing I think I might have found a true starting point now. No one knows where Fleetwing was build. I lucked out and finally could read the one sticker that was on the side of the camper. I tried to get a pic of it but its with my phone. It has "Fleetwing" & "Wakaruse Indiana" on it. I'll be digging in that town now.

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Fleetwing Camper

Going to the Basement
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