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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by DrHax View Post
yeah, thats my plan with my girlfriend. We know it, everybody knows it. Yeah shes been encouraging me to finish my novel 194 pages and 91517 words Been writing since 2010, 90% of the book is written
I should tally mine up. I know I had around 700 handwritten pages that I'm still transposing. A little advice:
1. Break the book up into separate files so if one goes corrupt, it's just a section. I lost 16 pages, all single-spaced, original thought one night. Have my novel backed up on my laptop, on our tower, my jump drive, my computer at work, e-mailed to myself and on my phone. 23 years of work is NOT going to be lost!
2. Get some speech recognition software. I have dragon Naturally Speaking 12.0 and it's pretty amazing. You'll have to go back and edit stuff but you can get thoughts down really fast.
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