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Here we are at the end of Day 2!...

See All todays photos here!

Didnt have a lot of time today but did the following...

First off I wanted to get a better look at the engine bay so I removed the two soundproofing panels from either side. They're held in place by little fold over tabs. I pulled them back and was able to get behind them to take a look at these odd switches:

As I mentioned earlier they turn the rear lights on or off???...anyways they were in the way so i unscrewed them from the panels and pulled the insulation out the way. Then I could see the wiring in full:

Dont see why you'd need these switches so I plan on removing them but for now I unplugged all the wiring from the connection blocks and got it out the way:

I know I forget stuff so I made a diagram just to be on the safe side!....once these were out the way I could see clearly into the bay but removed my ht leads etc to give me a bit more room...With a bit of thought and some measuring i decided upon cutting here if its possible:

I like the look of this so as long as nobody sees a reason I cant do this I'll go ahead...I'm making templates from card to ensure the same cut on both sides!

Once this was done I took a look at the front and decided to remove the tank to get a better look!...I unbolted the four bolts/clips holding the tank in and undid the two earth screws for the lights so that i could pull the wiring right back...I then lifted the tank up and propped it with a hammer to keep it up out the way. Then I unscrewed the jubilee clip to the gooseneck on the bottom of the tank and quickly pulled the flexi hose off and tilted the tank right back before i got soaked in petrol...I had done this once before so knew what to expect and managed to do it with only a minor spillage!!

Once up and out I used a spare bit of hose and a clip and bunged it with a philips screwdriver and clamped it firm..I then popped the other end onto the goose neck and clamped it so that no more petrol could escape! i could see the inner arches etc and assesed where to make the cuts...

other than a shit load of sand it looked all holes or for the cut at the front, well dez is completely right in saying that if you lose the stock tank it will look tons better but I'm not confident enough yet to start messing with fuel tanks plus my budget is tight as it is so...

As I'm planning on using lancelots kit I emailed him and showed him my idea and he seems confident that I can cut as marked in the picture above...this will allow me to keep the stock tank for now and i'll look more into a tank change later down the cutting here I should be able to keep a good amount of strength...sadly it wont be as nice a cut as a sweeping curve but it will do the job for now!.

So that was basicly the days questions for the day are...Whats better for cutting?...using a grinder or a reciprocating saw?...or a combo of both...i was planning on hacking off the bulk of the metal with a grinder and leaving a couple of inches to play with..this would give me better access to get the recip saw in and cut neat to my lines...what do you think??

Also once I cut the front panel I take it its ok to remove these two mounting holes the got to the top of the beam?...or will I have to cut below to clear them?...I'd like to get rid of them really!!??

cheers folks!

Total Cost...0.00...Parts used...0

Tools used: 13mm ratchet, straight head screwdriver, Bit of flexi hose and jubilee clip, philips head screwdriver, some wd40, and a hammer.
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