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And, last ones for now. Some shots of the replacement chassis. Not perfect, but a lot cleaner, and more solid than the original.

A detail of the rusty section behind the driver, under the rear seat bottom. I have a replacement pan 1/4 section for a Ghia. Came from Tabco. It's a damn near perfect stamping. Only issue is in the corner where the side wall kicks up.

An overall shot of the whole chassis. It's off a '68, (Swing, FI, and weird dual master cylinder with the extra brake warning light sensor). But not sure which model as the chassis # has been hacked out.

Work on the car ended in August '04. The remodel/rebuild of our house began Oct 4/04. We moved back in April 9/05. Still doing finish/detail work on the house. But I'm itching to get back to the Notch.

More later..


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