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Hey all!
I have been here a while reading alot of posts... I wanted to come in & introduce myself. My name is Steve, I Live in Rhode Island. I have a 66 "Shorty" Custom Bus my father built many many years ago & is in need of a Total restoration. I don't know if I will be able to do the work myself, but, I'm willing to try! I will have lots of Questions & hopefully I will get some work done on this Bus Soon!

These are ther pics of the way I aquired it from "Dad" It's been sitting for 15-20 years now & has rotted out ALOT! the only good thing is it's a Custom project & I don't need to use all Original parts to get this thing going. It's still in the same spot, All I have done so far is to get rid of all the tree debris & wood bed off the back & from under it. Almost the entire floor has rotted out from it. The Frame is still in good shape & the Engine & Trans still spins. Front Wheels are locked up, & Brake lines are n/g. I will need to replace a Crossmember, outrigger & jacking post. But, I may be able to fab or have someone fab up some supports other than getting original pieces. I'm still looking for a Straight axle Trans. to use in the Rear, & I want to lower the front by either making Dropped Spindles for it & using adjusters in the beam, or I will buy a set-up ready made with disk brakes. If I can find all the parts to do the work myself (with some help I hope to get) I will just build a new narrowed beam with adjusters, & try to figure out what I can do for Disk brakes...

Thanks for taking some time to come in & read my Into! Looking forward to posting with you all.

Steve X.

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