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First off, thank you for the comments, I was actually going to post on the cutting board to get some feedback. I know, I know, everyone has an opinion and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one - but without assholes we would all be full of shit, so with that said lets start answering some questions.

The first question that I would like to answer is "what's this we shit kemo sabe" lets face it I am just a glorified designer with a vision and a VW my Brother-in-Law is the Evil Metal Genius behind the cuts.

The two blue lines that are on the back half of the car are guide lines for the chop, we decided that it would be easier to cut the roof only once and make all other cuts on the body since it is a little more stable. The bottom blue line is approxametly where we wanted to end up.

The main thing that we wanted to do is to chop a bug with the least amount of cuts to retain the original shape and not have a huge wedge to it. The entire roof was moved forward 2" to meet with the A-pillers and then they were both cut and leaned in to the roof thus eliminating the need to lean the windshield back. The roof top actually sets inside the body in the rear that is why we had to cut the rear fender wells to shape the body back in to the roof line.

I will post more photos of the chop and more explanations of what we did, I will try to upload the photos and info as soon as possible. - Funny it seems to take longer explaining how to chop it than actually chopping it.

Again thanks for the feedback and don't hesitate to ask a question that is what this forum is for.

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