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Default Re: 66 Shorty Intro.

I just realised I haven't up-dated this thread in a while... There hasn't been much progress, but, I have been aquriring parts for the Shorty. I have to get a few pics up of what's going on with it, & some of the parts. But, this project is on the side while working on Bunny's Bug. There's plenty to do to both as some of you may know.

I'm pluggin along when I can, & when I'm not seeing my woman in the hospital... She's home for the time being, but, just till her pneumonia goes away & then she'll be back in for the original reason she went in the hospital in the first place... Kidney rejection! She's had 2 Kidney transplants & the first one rejected shortly after recieving it. Then she got the second one & it has lasted for 4-5 years so far, till now... It's started to reject 2 months ago, & she's been in & out ever since.. She's been out of work since as well, so, there's not a whole lot of income coming in... Only what I make. Which isn't a whole lot.

Anyway, I guess I'm done ranting & rambling... I've just been kind of stressed lately is all, & it feels good to write it down.

I'm tired now... I'm going to bed...

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"Bunny's Bug" Build thread
"The 66 Shorty" Build thread

Looking for "Buggy parts" for my Spatz Buggy (Budget build)...
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