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Default Re: 66 Shorty Intro.

Wel, I forgot to up-date this thread after we I had "66 Shorty Meet 2009"... <~~ That still makes me laugh!

Anyhow, I didn't take any before, or in procces pics liek I was told to... Sorry Guys!

But, I have a couple of after pics. Now, this is VERY Scary looking so, I don't know if you really wanna look... But, here they are, after we cut out the engine compartment, pull the motor, & took the bed rail/surround or whatever you wanna call it off.

Anyone want some Acorns?

To be honest with you, things were alot more solid than I thought they'd be! (gotta love all the body filler my pops used on this thing... )

Test fit of the '69 rear valance. Could make it work, but. still lookin for a '66-67 or whatever will actually fit correctly...

As it sits now...

From the back/inside the garage, with Bunny's Bug & Chassis in the pic...

Here's the motor... The rusty one... (in teh front) It doesn't have a cooler on the dog house. I guess it was before they added them. It's a single port motor that my Dad says ran Great! I didn't even try spinning it over yet. I don't need it as I have 2 other motors to pick from, BOTH are dual port motors. One (on the left) is a universal case, & the other (on the right) I believe is a '74 "califrnia polution control motor".

I still haven't figured out what I'm going to use for Wheels & tires yet... But, I have a while before I really need them I guess. I do know that I'll be able to fit some FAT tires on the back though!

Well, I'll start posting more in process pics in the future. Things have been going well with Bunny's Bug, so, I should be able to do some work on Shorty now & then, & I'll post progress pics. (Not that anyone cares about the Shorty though... )


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