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Default Re: searching

Tag search, easy peasy man!

If you look at picture 1, and hit tag search, you get this,

or thru the forum search bar it will be here~

Now if you scroll down, you will also see a 'cloud' of recently searched 'tags'.

The bigger the words, the more recently and more popular the search has been on THAT word.

Alright, enter the word 'chop'. UHOH! What's this shit that just dropped out of no where?!

Chill Francis, it means, that word has been tagged on threads, along with alot of other words with 'chop' in them. IT"S HELPING YOU!
Maybe you want to know about a "chop top oval ragtop" , so click that and hit search now.
I would suggest, searching 'all forums' for tags. You may get the 'sorry no matches found' for something so specific.
But lets go with just 'chop' .
And currently, it only shows 1 thread.
This is a new feature and threads are being tagged as they come up. This is a feature that relies on members helping. It is NOT an automatic tagger program.
But anyways, it does work.

SO, feel better now? Good.

Now go forth and read newbie~ or enjoy the heat you'll get for NOT Searching!
Your choice now~
Like it, Click it, support it.
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