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Default Re: Daily Drivers

This will probably be the first winter I won't be driving my Volksrod, and it isn't even cold out yet, but that's only because I'm planning some long over due work to it

I too duct tape the defrost vent holes on the dash as well as any other holes air comes thru (I pull it off in the spring) I wear lots of layers, usually 3 or 4 coats and thick gloves, I tried those mechanic type gloves but when the temp gets below 20 degrees my fingers get uncomfortably cold

I've tried a few of those heaters you plug into a lighter but they only work when above 30 degrees, I did have heated seats, but it made my back and butt sweat which froze my ass off when I got out

A few nights ago it was about 19 degrees out and I had to gas up my wife's car, I got in and didn't even turn on the heat, after I got home I wondered how I ever drove any of my VW's in the winter in single digit temps, and it doesn't have any air leaks

I miss driving my Volksrod, I hope to have everything ready by April, don't hold your breath tho, I'm getting lazy

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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