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Default Re: I ainít dead yet, making a truck.

Next onto the issue of it being 6volts, which I confirmed by counting the teeth on the flywheel also the coil saying 6 volt was another hint, but hey! I had to be sure due to starters. Those pesky starters having different gears for voltages and shit

Cough. Anyways the first thing I did was go parts shopping through my own pile of parts Iíve accumulated over the years and found that yes I had a thin fan attached to something that was 12 volts. Issue is it was a refurbished Motorola VW alternator.

I donít have any photos of the task of getting the original fan and generator out but I had to take a heat gun to the screws and use a wrench on my screwdriver to help ease it all as they were fuckiní rusted in there REAAAL good. Even the delicious red cocktail didnít do a damn thing to it. Also removing the intake was a pain in the ass as usual. Learned that single port isnít any easier to remove than dual port, might even be a bit harder honestly.

Well After getting it out and running up to fleetfarm to find out they have all of the metric screws in the world, I was happy to find some stainless steel replacements. I came back removed the generator stand, and turns out I donít have an alternator stand. Well I had a pile of other generator stands with oil filler attachments on them so I picked the one where you could visibly see where the oil filler pathway was (itís stamped 4b if anybody cares/ wants to tell me how rare and exotic it was)and grabbed my angle grinder.

A lot of aluminum dust with period flashes of flame with a bit of sharpie marks latter I now have an alternator stand for the low price of my time.

But Houston we got a problem. Turns out the 6 volt generator strap oddly doesnít work with the larger alternator. Who would have thunk?

However thereís a theme with this build and thatís using as little money as I possibly can. So I came up with a solution.

A bit of rusty bailing strap that was sitting outside for 4 years and a pair of vice grips and one drill bit latter with a sprinkle of nut bolt locking washer and voila!

Itís amazing how just taking a rusty file I found growing out of the dirt can make it look like a real part!

And hereís my stupid photo of me installing the 6 volt pulley onto the alternator only to realize latter that it wonít work. Only after installing a belt and having it spin itself off by rotating it of course though luckily I had a few spare pulleys around.

And hereís the fruits of my labours as they sit currently. New alternator, a 12 volt coil I dug out of the back of the part bus, a 12 volt condenser I dug out of the old SVDA dizzy that came from 1968 originally, and itís effectively converted to 12 volt. I have some parts coming in mail, mainly a 6 volt starter and sparkplug wires courtesy of oriellyís

I read on the samba you can take a 6 volt starter and swap over the 12 volt solenoid and things will be perfect? Anybody have experience with that? Never really dealt with this before.

But hey I feel accomplished for a guy recovering from a brain injury who can barely walk
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