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Default Re: I ainít dead yet, making a truck.

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
You going to go for the Ďstepside, or the ĎFleet side look?
Iím thinking fleet side as the truck will have a flat bed and rails. Also making it flat on the sides allows me to extend the rear out to give me even more room.

I donít think that rear visibility will be an issue

A quick mock up to see how Iím going to approach this. I think the best and easiest way is to find something which I can weld across the body at the height I want the rear window to sit. Cut off the vents leaving that flat shelf underneath then putting the puzzle together.

I just need to find some bit of long steel lying on the property that I can use thereís a bed frame rail but I want to use that as a structural part of the bed.

I guess Iíll grab my cane and go for a walk see what I can find growing out of the ground.
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