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Wow, lots of things have happened since the last time I updated this. At the end of April I got married and we bought a house in North Richland Hills, Tx (just outside Fort Worth). I really haven't been able to work on anything due to the wedding, honeymoon, and the moving. But, now things are starting to settle down so hopefully I can get back to the toys.

I saw this photochop on the cutting board and fell in love with the paint job on it.

But I really want to build a truck so I played with photoshop some and came up with this.

Now while I like the long nose w/ beam extension look, I am more partial to my bajas
narrow eye front end. So, I did this.

I'm thinking this will be the basis for my project if I can ever get my Olds up and
running properly. (Damn 6 speed transmission and its weak-ass third gear)
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