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Default Cheap or Correct?

So I know I should do it the right way, but I'm thinking the cheap way could work too..

I've got a bolt stuck on my motorcycle engine, it requires a 5mm allen to remove but whoever worked on it last COMPLETELY stripped the allen portion, it's a round hole instead of a hexagon..

I'm thinking the "right" way is to buy some extractor drill bits, back it out, and buy a replacement bolt, but I have this OCD, wasteful problem where if I buy a handtool, I always buy Craftsman (I know, I'm a victim of the marketing placebo effect.. I just like all my tools to match and all my hand tools right now are Craftsman..), and the extractor kits are $30..

What i'm thinking is VERY carefully JB Welding an old allen wrench into the bolt, being especially careful to make sure it stays lined up and does not drip onto the case.. then using my angle grinder to cut it off so it leaves a hex rod sticking out about an inch and using a socket to grab that and unscrew it.

The "cheap" way, I can just reuse the bolt in one of the spots that is hidden by the subframe so it won't really be visible..

What are your guys' opinions on this? am I setting myself up for headaches and failure? or does this seem like a good kludge to get a task done?

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