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Default Re: Cheap or Correct?

Originally Posted by bigguy View Post
Can you pound in the next size allen into the round hole and get it out that way. Or slice the top with a dremel and use a screw driver.
possibly, but doubtful.. I tried a 5.5mm allen and it seems waay to big..

Hadn't thought about turning it into a screw though.. may give that a try.. I'm less likely to permanently attach it to the case with a dremel than I am with JB Weld..

Originally Posted by Scavenger View Post
I say blow the engine up with some decent explosives, I'm sure the bolt will somehow end up coming out. I'm just joshin ya brother. If it were me I would just drop the $30 and do it the right way. That way down the line if you ever find yourself in a similar pinch you'll have what you need to get it done. That's just my opinion anyways, and opinions are like assholes....everyone's got one and they all stink.

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haha, that might cause problems during the "empty the internals and put them in the new case" phase of this project.. ;)

Normally I'm all about any and every excuse to buy new tools, but as of late, money has been really tight so I'm trying to be more responsible and not spend if I don't have to.. part of my hurry to get this bike running again is I imagine filling a 4 gallon motorcycle tank with regular gas will be cheaper than a 19 gallon Challenger tank with premium ;)

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