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This is probably redundent

You can read more about the chop in the Members Intro Page.

So I finally got a hood for the ride and started to strip it down, the car already looks a thousand times better with the hood.

Then the task of stripping down the Fat Chick, or as it has been kindly referred to lately as The Onion (with every layer that has been taken off this Piece of Shit car it brings a tear to your eye)

The only reason I bought the car to begin with was for the engine, it runs strong and is a great starting point for the volksrod.

Lifting the old body off the frame.

And now the moment we have all been waiting for, the placing of the 1962 chopped body on the 1972 IRS Pan.

The body fits like a glove, no clearance issues with the motor or deck lid like everyone said there would be, the only thing that I am concerned with at this point is lowering the front end, I know that the Tinbeater front end lowers another 2" but I need another 6" and I already have 2-1/2" dropped spindles, We'll figure something out, we always do.

OK, back to work, with the body off we can start to see how bad the pans really are. Fuck It, new pans and heater channels, I'm not going to spend my life chasing rust, new metal is far more cheaper than my time.

Another layer to The Onion, the tunnel is fucking trashed, time to start fabbing a new one.

Now I just need to cut the other side and drop the new pan in and then I can start cutting up more metal on The Onion.

So its the last day of the three day weekend and I have to say my neighbors probably wish I was dead, between the grinding of the metal, drilling out what seemed like a thousand spot welds and the air hammer ripping up the metal to take out the old pans it has been nonstop all weekend long, but we have new metal in the bottom half of the car and what a difference it makes.

Here is some of the fab work that was done to the fucked up tunnel. Better than the original, my brother-in-law can weld like a MOFO but I am a crazy grindin' son-of-a-bitch, after the bodywork you will never be able to tell. (sorry bug guys no JB Weld or Foam Fill in this car).

It was very easy to put the pans in with the heater channels so that you can line everything up, then after they are welded in you unbolt the heater channels and set the body on, then replace the heater channels on the car one side at a time, I will have photos of that for you to see when we start doing that.

Make sure you use the original spine in the back if you can, it is stronger than the aftermarket pans and it helps lining up the pans, just drill out the spot welds and separate the spine.

One side in, now it's time to fix the other.

More fab work to the other side. (The Evil Metal Genius loves it when I photograph him - NOT!!!)

So here is a recap of this weekend, we stripped the Fat Chick, finally took the cancer ridden body off, replaced the floor pans, did some fab work to the tunnel, sat the new body on, stood back for a moment and said OOOOH - AAAAH then lit off some fire works (maybe we got that backwards???), cut the back shock tower mounts (remember this is a 1962 body going on a 1972 IRS pan), did a bunch of cursing and calculations and made a plan for our next long weekend. Not bad for three days!!!
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