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Time to Turn Up The Heat-er Channels

So we decided to tackle the heater channels over the three day weekend, thus putting all the structure back into the car so that we can proceed with working on the doors. The first line of business was to remove the old channels, we decided it would be best to bolt what was left of the old channels to the new pans so that everything was lined up and then brace the inner doors so that the body wouldn't tweek when we cut the channels off. Working one side at a time we proceeded to cut the heater channels off.

Since this car is in South Florida and it always feels like the surface of the sun here we decided to cover all the holes in the channels since they look like shit and if you want heat roll down a window.

Now that the DOG DICKS are cut off we can start to fab in the holes.

Yes he does have all of his fingers - he's just shooting a semi-bird.

All tacked in and ready for Grind Master Flash.

A little skim coat and you will never tell it was there.

Now the front is finished up.

All welded up and ready to be put back in the car. There are a shitload of holes and strange angles to be welded on these heater channels.

Cutting the inner fender well to replace more metal.

Nice big hole for ventilation.

Checking the fit. Yes we are going for a Darwin Award setting the front of the body on the bar stool, that's OK the Pepsi can is keeping it from falling.

All tacked in and good as new.

Just need to clean up the welds and it will be all done. Notice no holes.

Next thing to do is cut out the heat tubes and close up that hole.

We also shaved the drip rails around the front of the door. Hmmmm I wonder if that means we are putting suicide doors on???
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