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Makes perfect sense to me. I had already gathered the roof fitting into the firewall like it did. I was just missing that all important 2" part of the equation. I would expect there to be a cut, trim, adjust, cut trim and adjust again....... method to this kinda chop and would have no problem doing so.

My plan originally was to either do the Capella style tilt but not cut the firewall loose or just cut it out go for it and then piece it back in afterwards in one trimmed piece.

I like the look and proportions to this one, and was half thinking that maybe tacking the decklid in place while doing this might help get the look right if I were to vary more or then you did on your chop. But genrally on a early body 4" seems to be the magic number.

Anyway, thanks for the great responses and quick, complete, detailed answers.
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