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Originally Posted by eZg View Post
What brand die press did you get? It's obviously quality since it's still working after so much use 😏

Any tips for someone that is complexly ignorant on the tool?

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble on the high tech tools that we used on this build but you do not need to spend a fortune on tools to get great results. The press is from Harbor Freight

and the dimple dies I had bought from a company in Texas back in 2009 and only paid $140 for a 7 pc. set from 1/2" to 2" in 1/4" increments.

We have used high dollar tools and they break just as easy as the cheep stuff especially when you are cutting up a car, the only difference is that when a $20 tool fails it doesn't piss you off as much as when a $200 tool fails that does the same thing.

As far as Tips on the tool DON'T BUY IT... It is the best and worst tool you will ever own. The best because it allows you to do stuff like we did and the worst because you will not be able to stop doing stupid stuff like we did.
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