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Default Crank Pulley Bolt
Re:: I Don't Know.   

So there is this one. Empi $10

And this one. Empi $10

I have never used either one of these before, only the stock one.
I like the idea of them but not sure if they are crap or not.

I saw one post once on the Samba where some guy said his kept loosening up and someone said the bolt was bad others said the problem may be the washer or his flywheel.

I am fine swapping out the washer, have no problems with my Flywheel... I need a bolt to hold the pulley on as the old one has been lost during Rebuild, I don't care about Chrome...

Any thoughts or experiences ?

I just found this one for $26.95
Might be a better one, its BugPack not Empi.

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