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Default Machine Shop updates

Figure I'd make a place to update what I hope to be doing for the next few months, then again as slow as I am it could be the rest of my life, I've put it off for far to long only doing what I need when I need it
So I almost have the mill done, I just need to finish the dividing head I started many years ago, then I can finish the graduations on the dial, I know I know I can probably buy one for a few $$, but I far more time than money, plus I like making everything anyway, that's how I got a lot of my tooling as it is

Here's the nut to lock the dial down with, it's aluminum because I had a piece that was dang near the right size, just had to take a few small cuts to get it to size, I'd a had to do to much work to make them out of steel, I made 2 of them for when I get around to doing the other end of the table, the knurl didn't quite turn out like it should have, been at least 20 years since I've done it last

I can't hand grind HSS tools anymore, seems my hands are a bit to shaky these days, so I used an old broken tap, I just had to put a bit of clearance on it, as you can see I had to run the spindle in reverse, but hey whatever works

After I finished the mill I decided to get my "old" grinder going, had it since 2009, figured I may as well so I can sharpen all my cutters on it once I make a few fixtures
Here's the grinder, it's an old Oakley universal tool & cutter grinder that will also make a nice surface grinder, it was built here in Cinci along with my Leblonde lathe, I need to make a guard for the wheel, looks kinda dangerous, but I've never had a wheel explode on me yet, I've heard it happen, heard a story of a guy that lost part of his lower jaw when the 18" wheel on an OD grinder exploded, you definitely don't wanna be in the line of fire if & when it happens
Only thing I need to change is where the motor mounts, I don't like it on top like that, but back when they converted all the line shaft with electric that was the easiest place to put them

Now I need to finish the dividing head I started many years ago so I can put the graduations on the dial for the mill, I found most of the parts a few weeks ago when straightening up things, that will be my next project unless something else comes up, that always seems to happen

Tuesday I see my doc, this morning I had to visit the Vampire's Office, I hope they didn't take bad blood, maybe I'll find out why my legs keep swelling up, been told it could be neuropathy, my skin feels like it's gonna split open, my past lab work has been normal, as well as all the other tests I've gone thru since January

More to come in the next few weeks, months

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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