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Default Re: Machine Shop updates

So a few days ago I needed a #2 morse taper with a drill chuck for my little 12" Clausing lathe, all my other drill chucks are way to big, I have more time than money, so I made one, plus I have a few drill chucks laying around from old drills, I always take them off when the drills stop working, most of the little chucks have a 3/8"-24 thread, the larger ones have a 1/2"-20 thread, I just used a small chuck
First I took a #2 morse taper & set it up between centers & indicated the compound so it was at the correct angle, then I put a piece of 1" diameter part in there & began roughing it out

Chased the 3/8" thread, then finished the taper, here I'm polishing the taper

Here I marked it up with a sharpie to check the fit, it seems to fit purty good at both ends

Screwed the chuck on & it's finished, next is to make one for a larger chuck

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