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Default Re: Who has a buzz going on?

FINALLY!!! FINALLY do I have a buzz that ISN'T inhibited by A) being on a ship where signing on to tell you all about it means possible talking to my bosses.. or B) being in a position to have sex, which I'm sorry, but I'm only 27 so sex takes precedence over bragging about my alcohol intake...

It's St. Patricks Day..

I went out with my brother and some friends, we hit up the rock bottom brewery and had a few beers, i've got a great buzz going on, it's been a good night, and in two days I'll be back in san diego crying over why I can't get my bug running right and then probably kicking myself once someone points out I messed something up and fixes it...

anyway, hope you all have a great night!

"I never trust a fighting man who doesn't smoke or drink or at least cause a little trouble." -Admiral William Frederick Halsey Jr.
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