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Default Re: My 61' Volksrod

Thanks for all the kind words.

This will be my third volksrod build and I am trying new things with each one. The first is my 67' volksrod it is about 99% finished I say that because are they ever finished also with a new build on a 45 year old car there are allways bugs to work out, second is my 66' volkstruck I need to try to finish it before I finish the 61'

I am trying to get the 61' mocked up then return to work on the 66' volkstruck then bounce back and fourth between the two. My freind Mike lent me this wheeled cart for this build and it has been a life saver I need to pull my truck out of the garage to have room to work on the cars so this has made it easier.

Untill next time.
Until next time...


67' Volksrod 2276cc (sold)

72' Baja Champion SE 1776cc

66' Volkstruck 1641cc
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