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Charlie, I tried to shove a volksrod in one of those post office boxes (you know if it fits it ships) but no luck, I guess you'll have to make do with the Zim rod and the buses for now

Al Low Ha, I tried but the boat just through the lines off.

Guys thanks, I get humbled and inspired by all the builds that I have seen here on Volksrods, There are truly some fine car builders and great group of people here.

So I played around with how much to section out of the car, I started with laying a 2 x 4 down to see what it would look like but the wood color just through the picture off then I found some black cardboard and cut it down to fit, first I tried 3" then 3 1/2" and ended up with a 4 1/2" strip I think that is what I'm going to section out of the car.

Then I had some fun and played with some tires and rims that I have to put on the volkstruck.

Now I can start planning out the section job, I think I will start with the doors first then the body. (cut, weld & grind)
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