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Originally Posted by NightScreams
Sampson was one handsome dog. I LOVE the coats on a healthy black lab, reminds me of a panther, they absolutely SHINE. I can understand the hole they leave when they are gone. Our Xena passed a few months back. She was severely abused before we got her and it all finally caught up to her, but we gave her a good last few years.
If I ever find the motherfucker who saw fit to discipline her with a sledgehammer for 5 years, I will slowly, very slowly, removed layers of skin with a rusty knife. We rescued all of our dogs, Xena had it the worst but Millie, our coonhound didn't have a walk in the park and Trapper, our lab/boxer mix was in 5 different homes before he was 7 months old. Talk about separation anxiety

Here is Flop, our newest addition. He's a 4 year old Katrina refugee bassett hound.

People who originally adopted him had the common misconception that hounds are slow, stupid and lazy...they couldn't deal with his activity level. They were going to have him put down because he is "completely uncontrollable." Idiots. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have pets or children.
He fits in just right in our home, he and Trapper are great friends already and there isn't a squirrel or woodchuck that is safe in the neighborhood:)

Thanks for the compliment. He was a great dog. If you ever find the fucker that beat your other dog I'll help you skin him . Love the Bassett hound, great looking dog.
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