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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Well... here's my buddy. . . . Been almost 3 years... and I'm still not over that damn dog. . . .
I still get a lump in my throat when I think about Toby, and it's been about 47 years since I buried him.

He was an adult when we got him and he'd already learned a lot of tricks: the usual stuff (sit, stay, rollover, shake hands), plus "praying" (nose down between front paws), "dancing" (hopping around on his back legs), and "speaking silently" (opening/closing his mouth without barking).

I ran across this photo of him the other day. When walking, his tail would curl over his back, and both it and his legs were "feathered." We were told he was a chow and cocker mix, but he looks mostly border collie to me. A good ol' dog . . . .
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