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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

The egg thing has always given me a laugh, before anyone ever decided to eat one, yet watched them crack open from the inside only to reveal a baby chicken, then one day a bunch just sat there & never turned into a baby chicken, then decided to open it & thought, "Hmmmm, I wonder what that tastes like"

Another thing, I think the movie was "Black Sheep" with Chris Farley & David Spade when they were high from the nitrous tank that leaked & David Spades character started talking about the pronunciation of the word "road" has always made me wonder who got to put names with things, just imagine if the word "shit" meant good, MMM MM, that tastes so shitty I think I'll have some more
That brings up another WTF thought I have had since first hearing about Nostradamus, his description of tanks & planes used in WW II, all that makes me think WTF, but I suppose his visions were nothing like what I'd have come up with if I were to ever try & predict things 400 to 500 years into the future

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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