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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by DrHax View Post
Its more the fact that i've seen.. how do I word it? My female friend the one who got baked. She even classified herself as a whore, and those around her and form her scene were iffy at best. (I never ventured deep into it. I wanted to avoid any potential fuck ups.) Theres the element of the "drug" and the enviroment and mentality. Legalizing it and taxing the fuck out of it might work, or might blow up in everybody's face, because HEY the illegal shits cheaper and if I get caught with it. OH WELL.

I am not a person whose say should be really looked at, because i'm a person who can smoke a cigar once ever three months and not want more, or drink a glass of rum once every 15 months and not crave it. Even sex doesn't control me like it seems to most people. Maybe it was the experience at my middle school and the constant fights and all of the psychological bullshit trauma, but my mind is detached from my body. I

also didn't want to become dependent on something for an escape. So when ever things got rough and I had to avoid putting a .22lr survival rifle down my throat I wrote. Writing was my drug, while my other friends were busy fucking, smoking weed, X, shrooms, and a bunch of code word shit i've never heard of before anywhere. I was blocking out the world creating my own with stories because Life sucked. So yes i'm a geek, I'm a steampunk geek whose into the mechanical elements of things and loves to tinker with shit.
But I managed to stay somewhat clean throught my hellish years and I havent' succumb to any vices that will linger and haunt me. I can't say the same about my friends. Only two of them have no obvious vices from school, One of them was a person who lived such a sheltered happy life you wonder why he can smile when you at the same time was wondering why you haven't snapped anybody's neck, and the other was a friend of mine whose an artist who went through the same hell hole I did.( she poured acid on her face because of the social pressures exerted on her at that hell hole) My wing man friend knocked up a girl who doesn't love him and is going into the military,
and my female stoner friend didn't graduate.
I fared pretty well overall. Sure i'm pretty sure I have mutiple psychological issues and wonder at times if i'm just different or suffering from the early onset of something, But I got a girlfriend who loves me truly, and I got my vw bug, a welder, and a shitty job (Girlfriend's step father helped me there.) I fared well compared to some of my friends, but over all I know I turned out as well as I could have considering what I went through, Overall I'm as happy as i could be. I know for a fact if I got into drugs I probably wouldn't be here talking to you guys I'd be dead in a ditch Edgar Allan Poe style, before I even could graduate.

Now can somebody tell me why Hot dog buns came in packages of 8 While hot dogs come in packages of 10?!

Steampunk? CHECK. My Volksrod has a good splattering of it.
Writer? CHECK. Been writing a novel for the past 23 years. It's pretty detailed and I've been tweaking it and still have a lot to go.
Had a great girlfriend. She makes an even greater wife.
My last pack of Nathan's had 8 dogs in it...
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