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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by DrHax View Post
I save my stories directly to an SD card, because I use linux, libreoffice use to corrupt files by turning them into 0 bit null files. So yeah i'm paranoid. I've lost 4 sd cards have 5 harddrives crash on me, yet i've managed to retain all of my stories. I'm paranoid I've had my story get corrupted four times and i've save it twice. Once on my desktop and then on the card if one goes out I just copy the file then move it over. It works fine.
that sounds like a shittily unstable distro, or there is something seriously wrong...

if you have a gmail account, you could use their word-clone.. it's free and stores in your gmail cloud.. I used to do my homework there so i could work on it while I was at work and then continue at home without having to remember to send the file to myself..

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