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Default Re: The PET THREAD...

So it's been a while, been busy, my puppy is almost a year old, these last 8-1/2 months have he has kept me busy, a newborn baby needs less attention
I do get a lot of walking in on decent days, IF I walked 7 days a week I would get 14 miles in minimum, more if the weather permits it, I don't walk in the rain
As far as anything else goes, it's tough, I tried to do some work in my garage, key word "tried" for some reason he loves my pants legs, it all started when we first got him, somebody knocked on our door, I used my leg to keep him from getting out, he grabbed my pants with his mouth and pulled, now he does it whenever we cross a street, I guess it could be a good thing, if I fall down he can pull me out of the way
He's at 60 lbs now, I'm 175, I'm sure he can pull me if I let him, as my grand daughter says "he's cra cra" but he every night he grabs onto my arm an goes to sleeps with his nose in my ear, and he snores, best dang thing that has happened to me, I was starting to become a couch potato
Here's a short video of him from a few days ago, I had a tarp with four 5 lb weights tied to it, he chewed the weights off and plays with them, I'll add more as time goes by, he's sleeping right now, he doesn't like me on my phone so I have very little time for much else

Ya'll take care

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