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Default Re: So where Ron meatalmaster?

Ron is doing just fine, I've been busy, my dog takes all my spare time, he insists on my complete attention, if I don't give it to him he gets my shoe and pulls me until I take him out and play or walk him, I average about 2 to 3 miles a day weather permitting, when it rain we just play in the house, he's worse than having a baby, Trina calls him our empty nest dog
I have only been in my garage 6 times this year, I hafta chain him up just to open the door otherwise he bites the bottom and hangs on as I raise it up

My Volksrod is down at the momment, seems I didn't give it the attention it deserves, I got spoiled with a/c and heat and the battery went dead, so I bought a rebuilt battery 2 weeks ago and drove it around all day, that night I tool the dog out and the tail lights were on, the switch was off so I just unplugged the wires to them, the next morning I plugged them back in an they stayed off, so I went for a drive and all seemed fine, a few hours later I drove to the store, when I went to start it it clicked and all the lights went out, I have no idea whats going on, thinking it may need a voltage regulator, but I'm just gonna save my pennies and get a new wiring harness

BTW I got a call from Chris aka Wraithblade yesterday, he said someone was asking about me so I dropped in to say hi


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