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Default Dub-N-Aire is off the paper into the garage!
Re:: Bubble Top Full Kustom Ghia finally materializing right before my eyes!   

I've been gathering ideas for years and finally started building my dream car. It's a "Roth/Starbird" combination where my imagination just took over. A Bubble Top Ghia with some small shades of '57 Chevy thrown in (fins somewhat resemble them - but I wanted a more rounded look; will reshape the wheel wells ala '57 style, but they will match the fins as well), some of the other mods include: duplicating the great ghia lines on the rear quarter panels onto the front quarter panels, extending the front fenders with dagmars where the headlights normally are, then putting headlights behind the front vents.

The interior is gonna be crazy kool - but I haven't been able to sketch it out yet - it's still stuck in my head - and if I try to explain the bubble wrap style seat covers - and chrome roll bar style door panels, etc, it won't make sense - but trust me they will be kool!

There are many more ideas I probably haven't come up with yet that will work themselves into this project - they always do! That's what's nice - no rules!

Here are the blueprints I came up with (remember, I'm no artist - but I have a vision (somewhat blurred though!):
Dub-N-Aire Computer rendition 02-05-09.JPG

So then I started....

small 1 11-28 rear fins begin.jpg

small 2 12-07 013.jpg

small 3 12-20 rear fins 2.jpg

Having a blast building the car I want - not doing it to please anyone else....... breakin' all the rules this time!
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