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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by bigguy View Post
I often wonder if we were not taught what the colors were what we would call them. Red could be blue and black is green and on and on. I think I like the color clear cause I can see all the other colors behind it.
I once read an article about a guy who posed a color-related question for a thesis assignment and received full credit because even though it sounds ridiculous at first, there was no scientific way for them to prove he was wrong..

Basically, he said that the color wavelengths were gradually shifting, but because they were doing it at the same rate of change and at such a gradual amount, humans didn't notice it. Eventually though, the wavelength we currently see as blue, would become the wavelength for green and vice versa, or something like that.. Everything would still look the same as it does now, but the wavelengths themselves would be backwards..

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