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Went to the show in Fishersville VA this past weekend. 30 or so cars. Met some good people. Weather was decent, overcast with some breeze most of the day. Just a couple pics for now. I may post a bunch more later in another dedicated thread if anyone is interested.

My ride all cleaned up and out for the first time this year.

Cool family that drove up from NC

Fun looking full length Manx that the guy and his son just built in 2 months!

Nethkins drove out their tank/chopper bug.

QUOTE(Steve @ Apr 1 2006, 06:05 PM)

That bike makes my scrotum cry...
QUOTE Steve Jan 26, 2008

If one of my buddies pulled into my driveway and got out of that, I'd punch him right in the colon.

That thing looks like a blue clitoris.
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