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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Nothing like waiting till the last moment, a week from yesterday is the local car show, I decided to do a little body work to the V-Rod, now Monday morning I thing I'll just finish the passengers side quarter panel & part of the lower drivers side, then shoot another coat of black on it, then take the hood off & have my brother fire it up similar to the way he did it 2 years ago, just a few different shades of blues & purples

I remember why I hate doing body work, but I did surprise myself, last car I used bondo on was the Great White, my 74 Cutlass, started it in the Spring of 88 & painted it white near the end of July of 88, this time I was able to get more bondo on the car than my hands & ground, but the sanding dust sucks
The before picture didn't turn out that well, but all the filler the PO had done was cracking & chipping at the welds, in most places I may hafta take it all off & start over, but I plan to do a bit of cutting on the car "someday" but I'm happy after my 1 day of work, may have it finished up by Friday


After yesterday, the seam going vertical just behind the "key" was where I added the front end from another car, it was cut off there when I got the car, the key is there to hold a zip tie & the headlight wiring & to make everybody ask "what are the keys for ?" I have 1 on each corner, or did at one time, I have plenty more

The rest will be after I'm finished, if I have time I may do this small spot on the drivers side front, I dropped a socket down into the quarter panel a year or 2 ago & had to cut & bend the panel where the PO put a patch panel in so I could get my socket out, a magnet just wouldn't lift it, yeah I have since stuffed a rag into those openings to keep stuff from falling down there, I did weld it back yesterday, don't know if you can see from the 1st pic, but you'll see it in the 2nd

That's gonna be it for this week, hell I may even build up some of the muscle I have lost after getting sick, all the sanding is tiring on my arms, I need a lift so I can stand

After Wednesday I can call myself "Iron-man" that's my last iron infusion, I can tell a difference after just 2 weeks, think I'm a start mixing cast iron dust with hand cream & rub it all over my hands & arms, back when I was blacksmithing & handling iron all day long my iron level was always high, since I stopped in 2007 my iron level dropped, my doc thinks it's interesting that when I stopped is when my iron level started dropping, yeah my wife has a very good memory, she's the one that brought it up to my doc, could work, I have nothing to lose

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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